The helpfianec service is a structure that offers credit to individuals and professionals. Indeed, the group is made up of several great French businessmen and diplomats, Usa, Belgian, Germans, Canadians and in partnership with the World Bank in the United States of America, who give credit to any serious person able to repay it to Good date.

our conditions

1 -The annual interest rate is 3%.

2 - The repayment of the credit is either monthly, half-yearly or quarterly.

3 - The repayment duration is determined by the borrower, and accepted by the lender.

4- The repayment period is between 12 months and 600 months.

5 - The borrower can ask for the modulation of the repayment of his credit upwards or downwards every 6 months.

6 - The borrower can request the deferral of a monthly payment every 12 months.

7 - The signature of the credit agreement gives rise to acceptance of all the conditions.

8- The amount of the credit is between 1000 dollars or other currencies and 500.000 dollars for individuals and 500.001 dollars or other currencies to 10.000.000 dollars or other currencies for businesses.

9- An insurance is taken to cover the credit in case of death, unemployment following a dismissal. Insurance Helps to cope with the vagaries of life. In the event of loss of employment or if the borrower is unable to work, the insurance covers all of its monthly payments.

10- The payment of the monthly payment begins three months after receiving the funds.

11- The borrower is free to provide his bank information for the transfer of the credit, in which case he decides himself how to receive the credit.

12- The structure treats all client files in total discretion


Here are the different types of loans we make:

Home loan

You have a real estate project?

aidefinancier finds you the best financing solution and accompanies you at all stages of your projects: from the bank to the signature of the contract with the notary! By trusting aidfinancier; You save time and money while benefiting from tailor-made advice.

car loan

You need to buy 

yourselfa car aidefinancier

 is the solution, with us 

you can offer yourself a 

luxury car.

You also have the 


to offer you a nice car.

Consolidation Debt, Second Mortgage, Line of Credit, Repurchase of Credit, Personal Loan

You have too many credits going on?

You wish to be able to make new projects? Youfinancerservice can help you rebalance your budget by combining all your credits into one, in order to repay a lower monthly payment and thus reduce your debt. We find for you the most suitable solution that will enable you to regain financial serenity and make new projects.

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